Is Rival Marketing Still Work?

November 8, 2007 at 4:57 am Leave a comment

Rival marketing plays a big role in the online marketing, because it helps marketers spread out their marketing messages rapidly. It is one of the fantastic online marketing strategies in the time of Web 1.0, in which marketers create most of their web contents. However, rival marketing is facing a big challenge, as Web 2.0 has been developed. Web 2.0 allows people to create their own contents on the web, and it is more interactive with others. That means the web content is richer and more complex than Web 1.0, so people may spend time on creating their own contents rather than forwarding interesting messages from marketers. Rival marketing seems to lose its power nowadays. A research shows that viral marketing’s campaigns are mostly ineffective, because only 15% of viral marketing campaigns can pass the marketers’ messages successfully last year. However, there are still a lot of successful cases in the online business. For instance, the Mentos-Diet Coke “geyser” video was generating 5 million views within three months last summer on the Internet. Because of the successful of this viral marketing campaign, Mentos’ sale almost increased 20% last year. This is a huge achievement. Moreover, Blendtec shows videos on YouTube in which its blender can blend almost everything from garden rakes to cell phones. This viral marketing campaign brings almost 36 million views. It boosts up the online sales of blender five times more than ever, and the in-store sales increases as well. Therefore, rival marketing is still effective if marketers can utilize it properly. The following examples are some insights to marketers how to produce a winning video in viral marketing campaign. In term of consumer behaviors, a research points out that people prefer to watch comedy and news video. Besides, about half of Internet users like watching videos and sending videos to their friends. If the target age group is 18-29, the online video sharing rate will be grown up to 67%.  In term of marketers’ strategies, the best suggestion for marketers is to hold more campaigns, and there are more than one media and differentiation in their campaigns. In short, there are no 100% winning strategies in the online business. In order to produce a successful rival marketing campaign, marketers should understand their target markets and utilize new and different elements.



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